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Social Cubix is a high-powered Internet technology company with market focus on social media application development as well as mobile application design and programming. Our mission is to provide cross-platform application development services to brands with the aim to establish or improve visibility using social media channels and online outlets in general. Social Cubix's mission hinges on the need to redefine traditional online engagement methods in marketing and social interaction by leveraging the ubiquity of social networking. Social Cubix seeks to:*Enable brands with platform based utilities/applications to build brand presence, adoption and loyalty on online social aggregates*Create value in social marketing for brands by developing tools to easily and tangibly monitor performance and evaluate return on investment*Expand the frontiers of innovation and ingenuity by developing world class games across socially relevant platforms.For media inquiries please contact:Public Relations DepartmentSocial Cubix2704 Dublin Park Dr.Parker, TX 75094 - USA

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  • 2704 Dublin Park Dr. , Parker, Texas , United States .

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