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VIPorbit Software International, Inc. created the Mobile Relationship Management Software category to help businesspeople build sustainable relationships, which leads to greater success. VIPorbit is led by co-founder and CEO Mike Muhney, the co-inventor of ACT!® and co-creator of the contact management software category, a catalyst for the multi-billion-dollar CRM (customer relationship management) industry. With the launch of VIPorbit, Muhney created the Mobile Relationship Management software category to deliver relationship-building technology designed for the way people work today—on mobile devices.The VIPorbit iPhone and iPad apps help users build meaningful relationships, which lead to successful business. In VIPorbit, contacts, calendar and communications are seamlessly integrated, providing instant access to complete relationship details, quick scheduling, and effortless communication, including via social networks. A chronological log of all relationship activity is automatically created, giving users a comprehensive relationship history for each contact. Users can also record unlimited date-stamped notes for each contact. The products are designed for relationship-oriented businesspeople such as entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople, consultants, realtors, lawyers, financial advisors, and can be quickly and easily customized for any type of business. Garnering unanimous and exceptional media reviews through the likes of PCWorld, Appolicious, USA Today, CIO Magazine, ComputerWorld, AppAdvice, Scoblelizer, and Forbes, to name a few, VIPorbit was ranked #1 in the December cover story issue of iBusiness Magazine's "Top 50 Business Apps for iPhone and iPad Users", ahead of such notables as Evernote, Filemaker, Skype, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Bento among the Top 50.In January '13, VIPorbit released vipSync, enabling multi-device users of the iPhone and iPad to have device independence as the data entered on either would appear on both. Spring '13 will see the release of the Mac desktop/notebook version, thus completing the "trifecta" of solutions for the Apple family of products and which will be attractively priced. This will also create further value for the vipSync service. As Apple has, and is, making substantial inroads in today's business environment, the family of Apple solutions for VIPorbit users makes for a unique and compelling offering.With the foundation of iPhone/iPad/Mac laid, VIPorbit Software will proceed to it's Phase 2 of further offerings, with 2 new products anticipated to be released on the market in late '13.As Mike Muhney, CEO & Co-Founder likes to say, "what you see us to be today is only the ticket into the ballgame, we haven't started playing yet!"

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