Looking for a Community Director Posted on 10/1/2016

The techmap

We are looking for a Community Director to manage our events. Prefer someone going to College. We have a great network and exposure to be part of our startup.

Things that you will get.
1 Get pay - minual 
2. Access to a lot of members and exposure
3. Connecting with Startup and Companies.
and more

We are looking for someone that can give us 100% commitment to run events in their local cities. Reguierement
1. 20 hours a month to work on it
2. Be able to create newsletters (Write and composes emails)
3. Email members and fallow up with presenters and Keynote speakers
4. Be able to have great communication 
5. Write blogs about the events
6. Close on Sponsorships.

If you know some SEO or marketing that would be great. 

If interested click on apply and we will fallow up with you

Position: Pay per job
Salary: $0 - $10K

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