BSC Practical MBA™ Success Lab: Risk, Contingency, and Opportunity-Part 2-New Time!

Thursday, December 12, 2019 from 11:30AM to 1:00PM

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Risk, Contingency, and Opportunity is a continuation of the BOSS-Talks and Tool conversation this month. How can and should a business owner present these parts of risk management to investors or to a bank? What is reasonable and what is unreasonable? It depends. Let’s talk about what depends.

BYOBB - Bring Your Own Brown Bag (lunch)
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• Jan Triplett, Ph.D., CEO, Business Success Center and members of the Profit Mover Advisory Team™. Dr. Triplett is an author/speaker/guide on the 100+ Ways to Fund a Business, Thinking Big, Staying Small and The Networker's Guide to Success and founder of the Profit Mover Advisory Team™ that provides guidance, funding support, and follow through to independent businesses throughout the US.
• Members of the Profit Mover Advisory Team™.

Come share your ideas and experience at our monthly issues and answers meeting. Recommend a business issue for us to brainstorm for an upcoming month. Introduce yourself and connect to other business owners.

BSC Success Lab is a program of the BSC Practical MBA™ developed by the Business Success Center, We pride ourselves on our ability to groom owners for success, provide a helping hand, the most current and relevant business information, and open doors to the right connections for growth and stability.
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